Friday, August 10, 2012



  1. Install T60 printer driver.
  2. Download Epson T60 resetter.
  3. Unzip the file then run  the Adjustment Program for Epson T60 printer. Select the right port for usb. The port should be selected in Auto Selection. Click Particular adjustment mode.
  4. Point on Waste Ink Pad Counter and press Ok.
  5. Press Check Button to check the Waste Ink Pad Counter.
  6. Click Initialization to reset.
  7. Turn off the printer and turn it on again. You're printer is now reset.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


-Epson T13 must have beeb installed in your computer.
-Download software resetter Epson T13.
-Extract the file then Run the program resetter Epson T13 with a double click on "AdjProg.exe".
1.Click ACCEPT.
 2.Click SELECT.

 Select your printer model and the destination.
 3.Click particular adjustment mode.
4.Click waste ink pad counter 
5.Click OK.
 6.Click Check to check ink pad counter.
7.Check the box of main pad counter.
8.Check the box of FL box counter.
9.Click INITIALIZATION to reset counter pad.
10.Click Finish.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FIRST STEPS:  Entering Service Mode
You have to enter in service mode in order to used the resetter. To do that follow this procedure,

1. Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.
2. Hold down Resume button and press POWER button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Then Press Resume button 5 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. You will notice that the Alternate Blinking error is gone, this means that the printer is in Service Mode state.

SECOND STEPS: Using the Resetter

1. After you download the resetter, extract it and double click "servicetool.exe"
2. Press the "Main" Button, Then press "EEPROM Clear" button if a pop-up appear just click OK
5. Then power off the printer(sometimes you have to press twice the power button to turn off) and turn on again. and its done!
This is a new Service Tool
Please leave a comment, if its working

Sunday, July 29, 2012